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shutterstock_105189041“Jana helped me gain more professional clarity and understand what kind of job would be best suited to my strengths and my overall happiness. She made me think about my life in a way that I hadn’t considered so head-on before – taking things that were once faint ideas I tended to ignore and bringing them to the forefront to develop more fully as possible career choices. I had various “a-ha moments” and working with her gave me more confidence and made my job search more meaningful and suited to every part of me.”

– J.S. in Iowa

“At the time I started working with Jana, I had really lost my baseline perspective on a lot of core professional issues, which was negatively impacting my performance at work and my enjoyment of day-to-day life. Working with Jana over a series of sessions helped pull me back to a more grounded position, changed my self-view and allowed me to see things from a broader perspective. I’m a better professional and a happier person as a result.”

– A.L. in Indianapolis, Indiana

“Jana has been instrumental in helping me move to the next stage in my career. Having worked for many companies at various executive level positions, I have always wanted to be my own boss. Jana helped me understand what it would take from a personal and professional level to take the plunge and start my own business.”

– R.P. in Seattle, WA


intuitive guidance

“Thank you again for such a rich, clarifying and affirming reading. What you read via the chakra system resonates so very deeply. It’s amazing how one’s energy can be dynamically seen at such a deep level (and at a so-called distance!); there is an intimacy of knowing that doesn’t compare to other types of readings or analyses. This subtle dimension holds such mystery; I am grateful for that mystery, and how you can be such a grounded, wise channel of the gifts, of the universe, and our self at play, unfolding within it. I look forward to another reading in the future. Bravo!”

-M.C., Oregon

“So many more dots were connected! I have such a profoundly clear message to follow now and I feel loads lighter and happier. You are really awesome at this!”

-J.W., Vancouver

“I felt a little stuck and weary. I called Jana–a stranger on the phone–and was amazed at how her intuition pinpointed why I was feeling stuck. She gave me a place to move. And I’m moving again!”

-H. C., Oregon

“I would highly recommend working with Jana if you are experiencing challenges in your life and/or feeling stuck, are looking for more information on where your blocks stem from, and guidance on how to work through them once and for all.”

-L.S., California

WORKPLACE programs

pieces“Jana was very knowledgeable and really worked with everyone to help them understand the material.”

“Jana was energetic, enthusiastic.”

“Jana is so knowledgeable & a very effective engaging presenter. Very timely, innovative, and useful information.”

“Programs were very informative. I learned a lot about self. I can take home and review concepts and incorporate in job.”

“Jana was very personable and approachable.”

“The best thing was the fact everyone was closer [to each other] at the end.”

“What I liked most? The instructor.”

“I liked the interaction with all other staff members, books and handouts, as well as Jana’s delivery and personality.”


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