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You are naturally intuitive, possessing an innate inner knowing about what is right for you in any given moment. Have you heard this before, want to believe it, but still feel confused? Get Clear: Claim Your Intuitive Instincts helps you close the gap between the idea of intuition and the experience of living intuitively – more fluidly, joyfully, confidently and creatively.

This book helps you understand what your intuition is and why it’s important; then guides you through an easy, illuminating process that leads to greater self-awareness and shows simple, practical steps for accessing and using your intuition.

By claiming your intuition, you will become clear about who you are and what to do.


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“Jana beautifully blends science with down to earth language to help us grasp that we indeed are beings capable of great intuitive knowing, and provides excellent activities to develop and learn to trust our intuitive abilities and apply them to our daily lives. ” – Lauren, OR

“It’s an “easy read” but dense with undeniable clarity on how anyone can claim intuitive instincts. I’d be remiss if I didn’t encourage everyone reading this review to download the book, read it, and keep passing it along!!!”  – Terri, IA

“She clearly explains how our brain, body, emotions, and energy all work together to either create or block our intuitive insights.” – Debbie, CA

“This book feels like ‘coming home’. I’ve always considered myself intuitive, and know that my ‘hunches’ help me make good decisions, but never once did I consider it to be a skill that I could use deliberately. This book was eye-opening for me and I intend to practice and hone this innate ability! ” – Nickie, IL

“Get Clear was a great read. I really resonated with Jana’s descriptions of how intuition can come to us.” – Alison, IA

“I’ve had the great opportunity to work with Jana before. Her intuitive abilities left me amazed and a little envious – if only I could be that intuitive. After reading this book, I feel I can trust the whisper and understand its message on a whole new level. This book is a treasure.” –  Donna, WY

“This powerful book will help you gain the clarity that will illuminate all aspects of your life.  Reasons why I love this book: because Jana tells me: 1) why and 2) how.” – Denise, AL

“I love the flow of this book and how Jana so skillfully explains how intuition works. With so much ease she takes the reader from her incredible personal story to an overview about the complexity of our brain and energy system before diving into the three simple steps. Her systematic approach makes it so easy to follow and experiment. It feels like play and a pathway to freedom from limitations.”  – Sigrid, CA